Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Step Programs for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is a drug... It is a dangerous drug, at that. Alcohol has the potential every bit of tissue it comes into contact with; from the brain, to blood cells, to stomach lining, to gastrointestinal tracts. Add to this the highly addictive properties of alcohol, and it can be quite easy for a moderate drinker to fall into the depths of dangerous alcoholism before they even realize.

12 step recovery programs -- though they are now used to treat drug addictions as well -- were originally established to battle alcoholism and to treat those that had problematic issues with drinking. Today, the 12 steps are still the most highly recommended type of treatment for alcohol abuse. The reason that 12 step addiction recovery comes so highly recommended, is that the 12 steps themselves act as a sort of pathway that clearly paves a direction to success and sobriety. This pathway helps recovering addicts keep a clear goal in mind throughout treatment, and continues on post treatment.

There are many addiction treatment centers all around the country that employ various treatment programs built around the 12 step method. To learn more about these programs visit: